Diversity and Inclusion

We are focused on ways we can leverage the power and impact of our REVOLVE brand voice to stand up against racism and inequality.

We pledged to change and in mid-2020, as outlined below, we began taking immediate action to support meaningful, lasting change in our community and beyond. We believe these positive steps will help us continue to attract and retain the best employees, foster creativity and innovation, and contribute to a more inclusive world.

Maintaining a diverse and inclusive community is a top priority for us. As illustrated in the accompanying charts, in many ways we have a very diverse employee base, highlighted by women comprising 76% and people of color comprising 86% of our employees, respectively. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that we have more work to do.

Key Highlights

Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

In 2020, we formed the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which includes several executives. The committee meets bi-weekly to actively lead and drive forward diversity and inclusion efforts within the REVOLVE community.

The REVOLVE Mentorship Program:

In 2021, we launched the REVOLVE Mentorship Program to assist and support the growth of Black-owned and designed brands and help them overcome the business obstacles they face in the fashion industry.

The program provides Black-owned and designed brands on REVOLVE important resources for advancement, anchored by mentorship from leaders throughout REVOLVE including in sales and analytics, brand marketing, production and manufacturing, accounting and finance, website development, and human resources.

Dedicated section of the REVOLVE website for Black-owned brands:

In 2021, we launched a dedicated section of the REVOLVE website to highlight Black-owned brands and we plan to expand the assortment to include BIPOC brands in the future. Moreover, we have highlighted individual Black-owned brands on the REVOLVE site and in our social channels.


The number of Black-owned apparel brands on REVOLVE as of year-end 2022 had increased 45% in the prior two years, as compared to year-end 2020.

Expanded diversity across marketing channels:

In 2022, approximately 37% of all female styles were photographed on women of color. Additionally, our increased focus on expanding diversity has led to significant expansion of diversity across our global base of REVOLVE brand ambassadors.

Diversity and Inclusion image

2022 Employee Diversity

2022 Executives Diversity

Key Initiatives

New resources to promote diversity in recruiting

We have deployed a new technology tool to further advance our hiring diversity efforts. We have also expanded our partnerships with job listing platforms operated by third parties to further expand our reach into communities serving diverse candidates.

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Growing diversity in third party brands

We continue to focus on expanding the diversity of brands on our sites through proactive outreach.

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Diversity goals central to 2022 objectives throughout REVOLVE

Promoting further diversity of our REVOLVE community was included in 2022 departmental goals and objectives reviewed by the executive leadership team and the REVOLVE board of directors.

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