Supply Chain

We strive to maintain our values and principles throughout our business, including in our supply chain, by partnering with trusted manufacturers and brands who share our values and our commitment to social responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct for supplier and vendor partners is designed to promote the principles of fair and ethical treatment of workers, compliance with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations, and transparency to allow for accountability and reasonable substantiation of compliance. Through these binding agreements signed by all of our trusted partners, we strive to provide assurance that our vendors pay fair wages, ensure freedom of association, prevent unlawful discrimination and promote the health and safety of those that participate in our supply chain.

Moving forward, we are working to further enhance our current supplier monitoring programs and advance key initiatives such as environmental responsibility and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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Key Highlights


During the onboarding process and on an ongoing basis, we require our REVOLVE owned brand manufacturers and third-party brand suppliers to certify that they will comply with our Code of Conduct.

Wages and benefits:

Wages, overtime, and legally mandated benefits must be paid regularly, on time, with documentation, and in accordance with applicable laws.

Prohibits child labor, forced labor:

We do not tolerate the use of child labor. Furthermore, our vendors must not use forced labor—slave, prison, indentured, bonded, or otherwise.

Health and safety:

Vendors must provide safe and healthy working conditions that meet or exceed the standards required by the laws and ordinances of the municipality in which they operate.

Legal requirements:

Vendors must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the U.S. and in the municipalities of the countries in which they conduct operations, which prohibits using involuntary labor, including prison, bonded, indentured, trafficked or forced labor.

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Key Initiatives