REVOLVE is the next-generation fashion retailer for Millennial and Generation Z consumers. As a trusted premium lifestyle brand and a go-to online source for discovery and inspiration, we deliver an engaging customer experience from a vast yet curated offering totaling over 90,000 apparel and footwear styles, as well as accessories and beauty and home products. Our dynamic platform connects a deeply engaged community of millions of consumers, thousands of global fashion influencers and over 1,000 emerging, established and owned brands. Through 20 years of continued investment in technology, data analytics and innovative marketing and merchandising strategies, we have built a powerful platform and brand that we believe is connecting with the next generation of consumers and is redefining fashion retail for the 21st century.

Our co-chief executive officers founded REVOLVE in 2003 with the vision of leveraging digital channels and technology to transform the shopping experience, offering a scaled, one-stop destination for youthful, aspirational consumers. We believe that our model, which is more targeted than department stores or mass-market online retailers and provides a greater selection and access than specialty retailers, allows us to more effectively serve consumers.

To improve on the merchandise offerings of traditional retail, we have built a custom, proprietary technology platform to manage nearly all aspects of our business, with a particular focus on developing sophisticated and highly automated inventory management, pricing and trend-forecasting algorithms. Our proprietary technology leverages data from a vast net of styles, attributes and customer interactions to create a strategic asset of hundreds of millions of data points. We have complemented these efforts with an organization built from the ground up to make decisions in a data-first, customer-centric way. Our approach facilitates constant newness, with over 1,500 new styles launched per week on average in 2022. Illustrating the efficacy of our data-driven merchandising, in 2022, approximately 85% of our net sales were at full price, which we define as sales with a price of not less than 95% of the full retail price.

Our powerful brands and innovative marketing strategy connect with the Millennial and Generation Z demographics. We are recognized as a pioneer and a leader in social media and influencer marketing. We have built a large community of influencer and brand partners, including thousands of micro-influencers, as well as some of the most influential social media celebrities in the world. Through our recognized leadership position, deep relationships and history of mutually beneficial partnerships, we believe we have become a partner of choice for influencers worldwide, leading to a competitive advantage. These marketing efforts deliver authentic, aspirational experiences and lifestyle content that drive long-term loyalty and engagement. We complement our emotional brand marketing with sophisticated, data-driven performance marketing, the combination of which drives successful customer acquisition and retention that are key drivers of our customer lifetime value.

Our data-driven merchandising and innovative marketing competencies enable an owned brand strategy that further differentiates our merchandise assortment, provides increased control of our supply chain and has the opportunity to expand gross profit margins over the long-term. We have built a portfolio of 31 owned brands, each crafted with unique attributes and supported by dedicated marketing investments. We believe our consumers perceive these as highly desirable, independent brands, rather than private labels or house brands. In 2022, our owned brands represented five out of our top ten brands in the REVOLVE segment and contributed 22.4% of the REVOLVE segment’s net sales.